Shaqayeq (Sha-kie-yek) Farhang hails from Tehran, Iran, a country surrounded by majestic peaks towering over 5,600 meters. It was there where she discovered her symbiotic relationship with nature, art and her spirit. As the daughter of Mansur Farhang, a famous Persian photographer, mountain climber and activist, Shaqayeq's destiny seemed mandated.


"I have to be in the mountains as much as possible", she insists. The young artist draws her inspirational fortitude from climbing at a professional level. Breathtaking views, bitter cold, fatigue and oxygen starvation galvanize as creative and spiritual discoveries for her. She inherited her father's passion, which motivated her drive to quickly elevate her technical prowess approaching father's skills. 

Shaqayeq owned and operated her own successful studio in Iran before  coming to Greece She credits her survival to the determination, along with the physical and mental endurance she had to cultivate as a high altitude climber. "In the mountains, your goal is simple, to reach the top. if you try your best and don't quite get there, the mountain wins...on that day. No problem, you just try again another day."

Shaqayeq may be her father's daughter with shared fervor and expertise but her photographic artwork carries more of a noir expressive personality than her landscape focused patriarch. Every image she captures or video she produces must tell a story. In her commercial work, she is professionally intuitive as well as totally receptive and the results are gratifying.


It's in her exhibition portfolios where you can catch glimpses of her often dark and challenging past. There are also hints of her newfound faith in following Jesus as Lord and Savior battling the past with stark contrasts and bold and spacious framing. Certainly every image does tell a story. 


In Transit

The Cube Athens

OCTOBER 18, 2018

Photo Camp (Nat Geo)                       

Oslo, Norway


Photo Cap Athens (Nat Geo)

Kennedy Center, DC

JUNE 18, 2019

Persian Mountains

"The mountains are majestic and ominous, yet they are serene and secluded. From the ground level they are visible from miles away. From the peak, the whole world is visible."- Shaqayeq Farhang

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